Complete 360 Business Audit, Assessment and Action Plan for Emerging Franchisors and Entrepreneurs

Virtually every emerging franchise brand faces the friction (often painful) of scaling while facing the reality that they have to “build the plane as they are flying it”.  Sometimes the business model is fundamentally flawed, but most often it is about refinement and improvement.  The founders and leadership team spend so much time “in the business” it is difficult to get a clear understanding what it takes to not just assess the situation, but put a clear execution plan in place to allow the business to scale with minimal friction and maximum velocity.  There are countless business consultants that can tell emerging brands what they need to do, but few actually jump in and show them how to actually do it.  EmmerScale created the 360AAA for this specific purpose- To help emerging franchise brands effectively scale! 
What is EmmerScale’s 360 Business Assessment?

EmmerScale’s project based, proprietary 360 business assessment (which is performed with either a combination of onsite/remote or 100% virtually) includes deep dive into every aspect of your business, including the  audit and assessment of:

  1. Key Players — One on one and group time, gaining an in-depth knowledge of their roles and deliverables and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, where they need additional development, and their upside capacity.
  2. Field Operations and Sales — Operational execution, client interaction, and all internal workflow, assessing operational strengths/value proposition, and areas for improvement.
  3. Systems and Process — Workflow walkthrough (Marketing, Sales, Operations, IT, Finance, Support, Franchise Development)
  4. Tech Stack- End to End evaluation of current tech stack, looking for breaks, gaps, overlap, ease of use and ROI
  5. Executive Leadership Team — Assess leadership dynamic and synergy, identifying areas where additional executive horsepower is needed.
  6. Strategy Goals, Mission, Vision —Group meeting to gain a detailed understanding of strategic plans and business goals and vision so that all tactical execution is in alignment
  7. Competitive Landscape- Assessment of national, regional, and local market dynamics and the current positioning of brand in the market 
  8. Interviewing of existing Franchise Partners (if applicable), obtaining objective feedback orally and via survey
  9. Interviewing of internal team members, obtaining objective feedback orally and via survey.
  10. Our audit process includes spending time with executive and key team members, interviewing and surveying existing franchise partners.

The output of our detailed action plans for people, systems and processes includes the following:

  • Introduction and walkthrough of our powerful Entrepreneurial Business Operating System Model
  • Create SCOPE analysis of the business with specific recommendations 
  • Develop TOPA (Total Online Presence Analysis) of website(s) and digital marketing efforts, with action plan recommendations 
  • Complete systems and process action plan recommendations (Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support)
  • Org/Accountability Chart action plan recommendations for organizational build-out to scale, including the potential need for fractional/interim executive positions
  • Updating and refinement of current franchise development strategy and execution with recommendations based on growth plans (waived if using an established national FSO for outsourced franchise development)
  • Additional executive advice and counsel as needed for specific needs of business

Results Measured in Return on Investment via Frictionless Scaling 

The 360AAA is a project based, fixed fee deliverable.  The resulting output provides you a clear implementation plan that delivers significant ROI through frictionless scalability.  The plans can be implemented and executed within the existing organizational structure or, you can choose to engage our fractional executive services longer-term to help you execute the plan.

To learn more information or explore how our proprietary 360 business assessment process can help you scale your emerging brand, schedule a call here or call us at (336) 365-8005.

Most emerging franchise brands struggle to effectively scale because they lack a clear understanding of what is needed (People, systems, processes) to win!

emmerscale provides solutions and a clear path to effective scaling.

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