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Operational Leadership and Support/Staffing Solutions

EmmerScale provides operational leadership and staffing solutions that can help your business succeed. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for your organization’s needs. Our services range from sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding top talent to implementing operations strategies that maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

We also offer support in setting up processes and systems to optimize performance and ensure organizational alignment. With our comprehensive approach to operational leadership, you can rest assured that we have all the right tools in place to ensure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently.

Founder/CEO Success and Significance Coaching

The pressure and daily challenges you face as a Founder-CEO can be overwhelming. You may find yourself unable to communicate your struggles to anyone who can relate.  David has/is walking in your shoes and developed a unique coaching formula that helps clients discover what it means to have both success and significance.  This dynamic and wholistic coaching methodology helps to revitalize and refocus, leaving you better equipped for your entrepreneurial future.

  • Identify your working “sweet spot” to maximize the highest and best use of your time and talent. 
  • Learn how to delegate without abdicating.
  • Create balance in your life by putting “the first things first”, so you can “enjoy the ride.”
  • Receive guidance,  support, and advice to improve your leadership skills, problem solving, decision making processes, and enhance your overall business performance.
  • Determine areas for improvement and develop strategies,  action steps, and goals to help you better succeed in your roll.
  • Assist with developing creative solutions to complex issues and challenges you may face.

*EmmerScale provides a confidential space for support and growth during your one on one sessions. 

Team Formation & Building

Admin Hiring Support

EmmerScale offers admin hiring support tailored to each individual business’ needs. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for each organization, and strive to provide a cost efficient solution. We offer an in-depth screening process to ensure every candidate is qualified and experienced for the job, as well as providing interview coaching and onboarding assistance.

With this approach, Emmerscale is able to provide businesses with the best possible candidates at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, our hiring support services are available on-demand so businesses can quickly find the help they need when needed. This makes it easier for organizations to save money by only using the services they need when they need them.

Scalable Business and IT Solutions

EmmerScale provides comprehensive support for systems that provide scalable email, cloud storage, and project management tools such as and Google Workspace. We are able to provide a full tech stack audit and assessment to make potential recommendations and refinements. Additionally, we offer professional training to assist in the setup and configuration of the various platforms recommended for your business.

Furthermore, franchise leadership teams will have access to expert individuals in these platforms which make it easy for them to get up and running quickly with the technology they need.

Franchise Onboarding, Training & Support Services

Proper onboarding is critical for ensuring your new Franchisees understand your system and receive the necessary training to succeed.  EmmerScale’s onboarding processes will leave your Franchisees feeling prepared, valued, and supported as they begin their new business.  Services include providing a proven system for orientation and training, legal and financial assistance, marketing and advertising, as well as leaving you prepared to provide ongoing support. 

Advisory Board Services

Advisory Board Services 

As experienced board advisors, we understand the sensitive and dynamic nature of board consulting for our clients.  We offer a flexible approach and provide customized solutions to fit your boards unique set of circumstances.

EmmerScale offers expertise in a variety of advisory services to include; attending quarterly/annual meetings, hands on workshop facilitation, and ongoing consultation services.  Detail of services includes-

  • Strategic and tactical advice to help you make the best decisions for your business.
  • Expertise to include franchising, scaling, profitable growth, and higher ROI.
  • New perspectives on your business to keep you agile in changing markets.

 EmmerScale’s advisory services can provide you new perspectives, challenge your thinking, and help you remain agile in changing markets.

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