Affordable Healthcare for Franchises

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Disruptive Health Care Solution to Help Franchise Brands Effectively Scale

EmmerScale has partnered with Sedera to create a one of a kind offering to directly serve and support both franchisors and franchisees. There are two distinct offerings to serve the various needs that an emerging (and established) franchise system needs.

Franchisors Corporate Office

Franchisors are able to provide an incredibly cost-effective health care option to their corporate employees, maximizing precious operating capital while maximizing the ability to attract and retain talent.

Franchisors Franchise Partners

Franchisors can provide their Franchise Partners with an incredibly valuable benefit by not only giving them the ability to provide cost-effective health care for themselves and their families but offer health benefits to their employees as well.

Experience Peace of Mind for Life’s Unexpected Medical Costs

Medical Cost Sharing is a proven alternative to the insurance status quo. Our members commit to leading a healthy lifestyle, being engaged healthcare consumers, and sharing one another’s larger medical expenses. In doing so they are able to access high-quality healthcare at affordable prices.

We know that many people feel like their health care costs are too expensive or out of reach for them. That’s why we offer an innovative solution that doesn’t require any upfront cost and provides access to quality care at affordable prices. Join us today!

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Here is a quick look at our Community’s Medical Cost Sharing success:




of Eligible Needs Shared


Cost Savings through Negotiations


Member growth year-over-year

Affordable Monthly Rates

Medical Cost Sharing's members are only required to pay their share of eligible costs for treatment and services rendered. This shared responsibility reduces the financial burden on individuals while providing necessary coverage against unexpected expenses like emergency room visits, hospitalization, doctor’s appointments, prescription medication, lab work, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sedera is a community of like-minded individuals who are active and engaged participants in their healthcare decision making. Together, we are tapping the power of this movement for health to create new normal that's high quality, human and transparent

If you have bills that need to be negotiated, it can take up-to 60 days for your needs to get processed. If there are no negotiations going on and everything is correct with the form provided, then they will normally process a shared bill within 14 business days of receiving them from Sedera.

Sedera, Inc. is not a licensed insurance company but they are in the business of making sure people can get help with medical bills without having to complete all sorts of paperwork and jump through hoops for approval like some other companies do. They facilitate sharing so that members have access to care when it's needed most no matter what their socio-economic status or faith background might be!

Sedera values your freedom to choose the best medical providers for you. Our Member Advisors will provide quality information so that you can make an informed choice on which provider is right for your needs, but there are no penalty charges if a doctor turns out not to be in-network.

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