Today’s boardrooms deal with uncertainty and disruption, whether it’s geopolitical or economic volatility, regulatory scrutiny, or the change that comes from dealing with new generation workforces. Never before have boards of directors received so much focus and external pressure from so many directions. Now, more than ever, boards and their chief executive officer need superior advisory services from experienced consultants.

Advisory Services for Effective Governance

Boards of directors play a critical role in the governance, risk, and strategic oversight of their organization. As business and society continue to evolve, boards must be able to navigate uncharted waters — the challenges and opportunities— to ensure the sustainable growth of their business. This involves setting the strategies to juggle the needs of numerous stakeholders in an increasingly connected world.

Boards are responsible for setting policy guidelines for how management should operate, short- and long-term goals for the organization and systems to ensure that management acts according to these directives. They are also responsible for establishing procedures to measure the progress of corporate objectives.

Boards must operate effectively and be fully mindful of their collective and individual responsibilities. Members must make informed decisions based on an understanding of the critical issues impacting their business strategy and be supported by robust governance agendas.
Your board’s role is key to your organization’s success, ensuring the right people sit on it is paramount. Therefore, its effectiveness ultimately boils down to two fundamental questions:

  • Are the right people in the boardroom?
  • Are they doing the correct work in the proper way?

Getting to the bona fide answers often requires advisory services — an independent, in-depth, 3rd-party look at the real building blocks of success.

What are Advisory Services?

Growing a new company can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a lot of entrepreneurial experience. Board advisors are individuals who assist their Founder/CEO clients in setting strategies and making executive decisions for their company.

Because business owners typically only have one area of expertise, it’s beneficial for them to surround themselves with experts in different aspects of running a business. Bringing on subject matter experts can help you ensure critical business functions are being addressed. Board advisory services can:

  • Help you fill gaps in management capability
  • Provide valuable insight into issues and challenges you may be facing
  • Contribute years of experience that can accelerate growth

Why Clients Work with a Business Advisor

Advice and Counsel

There are many reasons why business owners feel alone and isolated. It is often difficult to identify and build relationships with trusted advisors who can provide practical and meaningful guidance and direction.

Maybe the business itself is very complex, or the lightning speed at which the industry is changing makes it even more challenging to find the right individual or mix of individuals who can advise. A trusted advisory service can provide consistency, longevity, and background information and knowledge to provide reliable, effective advice, contributing to your business success.

No Risk — No Judgment

Advisory services can provide a no-judgment zone for a Founder/CEO to experiment with new ideas and opportunities before presenting them to the formal board of directors. Business owners must be forceful, definitive, and assertive when presenting to a board of directors. Deciphering new ideas – even partially defined ideas – with a board advisory provides an audience that can act as a sounding board. Often, ideas presented before the board advisor morph into bigger and more well-defined plans that can transform the company.

Laser-Focused Input

There may be a particular aspect of your business that you feel unprepared or unable to address independently. Among others, this often involves areas such as scaling the business, franchising opportunities, marketing, sales, finance, etc. Having a successful entrepreneur from outside the industry can expand your vision by looking at your business with a fresh perspective.

How EmmerScale’s Advisory Services Can Help

As experienced advisors to boards, we fully understand the sensitive and dynamic nature of board consulting for our clients. Although our work is firmly based on several core beliefs about effective governance, we also understand that “one size fits all” solutions don’t work in the boardroom, where a distinct group of professionals operates within a unique set of circumstances. Consequently, we bring a flexible approach and provide customized solutions to our clients.

Depending upon your board’s needs at any particular point in time, we offer a variety of advisory services ranging from attending quarterly/annual meetings, to workshop facilitation to on-going consultation services. More specifically, we provide strategic and tactical, hands on, high ROI consultation services on specific issues, including;

  • Expertise around franchising
  • Scaling and profitable business growth
  • Home service and home improvement

Get a new perspective on your business with our advisory services. EmmerScale’s services can provide you new perspectives, challenge your thinking, and help you remain agile in changing markets.

Benefit from our experience gained from working with a wide range of clients – large and small. To get more information about how EmmerScale’s advisory services could help guide the direction of your business, call us at (336) 365-8005 or contact us here to schedule a call.

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