Franchise Brand Development

Brand Development

Boldly introducing a new brand to market is critical to future success and scaling! Our team will lead you through a guided approach to establishing your Mission, Vision and Brand Positioning. You’ll identify critical advantages over your competition, formulate your brand’s point of difference and formulate your unique value proposition.

We’ll help you establish your image and voice through visuals, graphics and unique communication pillars. Identifying key performance indicators and evaluation metrics will define measurable outcomes and keep you aligned with your goals.

Scaled Brand Development

Marketing Strategy + Planning

Establishing sound marketing strategy and developing both short and long term strategic plans are guaranteed to ensure you reach your objectives. Our proprietary 4 step brand launch plan will set the stage for your growth and success.


Strategic Planning

Establish Vision, Draft Marketing Plan to include Advertising/Media Priorities, Develop Media Announcement(s) and Communication Calendar



Build Excitement to Grand Opening, Develop Teasers,Target + Pitch Media, Design Social Media Content, Engage Influencers/Bloggers, Initiate Advertising, Explore Grassroots Programs


Now Open

Create Publicity Stunt(s), Negotiate Media interviews (in-studio/on-site), Mobilize Influencers, Secure Broadcast & Digital Coverage, Escalate Advertising and Promotions


On-Going Awareness

Develop Social Media Content, Evaluate Reviews, Pitch Editorial Placements, Analyze Reporting, Evaluate KPIs + ROI

Plan + Calendar

To ensure your franchise is highly visible and set up to scale, we will guide you through a process of establishing communication pillars, designing creative story concepts, and outlining your social media content calendar into a comprehensive communications plan that incorporates teasers and publicity stunts. 

  • Communications plan + editorial calendar creation
  • Key message development
  • Media tour + press conference coordination
  • Press trip + individual trip coordination
  • Press event coordination + management
  • Press kit creation + management
  • Press bureau + media inquiry response
  • Traditional + digital media alliance management
  • Radio + TV barters
  • Leadership positioning [interviews, bylines, panel participation, talking points, media training]

Social Media Strategy + Content Development

One of the greatest ways to be recognized and create exponential word of mouth referrals that attract new customers is through the use of social media. Our team will help you establish your social media goals and design objectives to reach them using this powerful referral tool. Our baseline plans will establish your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter and we’ll design a content calendar to ensure each channel is maximized to support your content pillars.

We will work with your team to cultivate visuals (photos, videos, reels and graphics) that represent your brand goals. We’ll establish a content plan to post on each channel 2-3 times per week and monitor for user generated content and story reshares. We may also assist with barter exchanges with local partners, recommend participation in relevant community initiatives and negotiate partnerships with local influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each comprehensive brand development program begins with an audit to discover opportunities and hurdles and a SWOT analysis to identify your unique selling points. We’ll guide you to establishing priorities, recommending high-impact marketing channels and KPIs.

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