Business Leadership Solutions – The Benefit of Fractional Integrators

As a CEO, founder, or business owner you wear the title of the “Visionary”, as described in the book Traction by Gino Wickman. As the Visionary of your company, you have an unparalleled ability to foster relationships, establish your organization’s culture, and plan for the future.  However, with the ever-increasing complexity of day-to-day business operations and your need to stay focused on long-term goals, it becomes difficult to manage and execute it all. Enter the Fractional Business Integrator: an experienced business leader who can provide strategic and operational direction to your organization.

Integrating a Business Operating System

In Traction, Wickman lays out The Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS®*, an operating system that provides entrepreneurs with a powerful framework to keep operations running smoothly. This operating system, EOS®*, calls for the crucial role of an Integrator. In regards to the relationship between the Visionary and Integrator, Wickman states, “One sees the future, the other makes it happen.” Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the skillsets necessary for this role within their team, as well as the financial resources to fill the position, especially for emerging franchises and businesses. This is where a Fractional Integrator can be of utmost benefit. They support the business in a more temporary, and often remote part-time capacity, all the while offering the same insights and guidance a full-time executive or Integrator would. And you guessed it, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hired position.

Let’s define the Fractional Integrator

A Fractional Integrator is a consultant or an independent contractor that provides specialized services to help businesses become more successful. They help galvanize the company leadership team to execute the vision of the Visionary. In addition, having worked with a multitude of similar businesses, they bring extensive expertise and knowledge to the table. This can ensure your business runs at optimized performance and reaches its full potential! Your team and business will be rowing in sync towards your goals.

Primary services of a Fractional Integrator

  • The galvanizing link between the company’s Visionary and the leadership team. Ensures that everyone is on the same page. Their services bring in the necessary structure and people-building abilities that keep everyone responsible, resulting in a powerful, lasting transformation. This will leave you with a strong team and company culture.
  • Integrate a Business Operating System, like EmmerScale’s The B.O.S.S™, which brings clarity, accountability, and appropriate infrastructure to the business to optimize scalability. EOS®*self implentation is a key component of The B.O.S.S™.
  • Implementing efficient solutions while being well-versed in problem-solving. They understand how seemingly small changes can add up to big gains for an organization. They can help you bridge gaps, solve issues and move rocks!
  • Improves operating procedures/processes to drive efficiency and profits.
  • Assisting in the discernment, development, and implementation of  strategic marketing and sales plans, all the while ensuring you are well-prepared to scale your business.
  • Enables and supports leadership in the implementation of best practices across different functional areas.
  • Guides Franchisors through proper and effective onboarding processes.

Fractional Integrator + The B.O.S.S™  

If you’re overwhelmed, your team is lacking efficiency, or you want to take your business to the next level without breaking the bank, a Fractional Integrator is something worth considering. By partnering short term with an Integrator your business can enjoy the benefits an expert executive. They possess the expertise to provide diverse solutions, propelling you to greater heights of success while staying ahead of the competition. EmmerScale uses our proven B.O.S.S.™ (Business Operational Scale System) with our clients who fit this need. This operating system is a dynamic “strategy meets execution model” with EOS® self implementation as its backbone. Additional components include the use of powerful complimentary pieces from other systems, tools, and assessments that significantly improve trust and health within the team and maximize business performance and potential. Overall, The B.O.S.S.™, combined with an expert fractional integrator to execute, will ensure you gain control of your business operations with a strategy that works. From streamlining difficult processes, setting a clear and focused vision, and uniting your team together, you can achieve remarkable long-term solutions.

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EOS is is a registered trademark of EOS Worldwide. EmmerScale is not affiliated with EOS, and is not a certified EOS implementor, nor does it represent itself as such. EmmerScale works as a fractional integrator/ business consultant with its clients to utilize the permitted network of EOS self-implementation model. Please visit for information regarding certified EOS implementation.

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