What is a CEO Coach-To-Scale Program?

Executive coaching is a one-on-one engagement between a business leader and an executive coach designed to help that leader perform more effectively.

Similar to hiring a private coach to help an athlete up their game, executive coaching takes leaders from good to great, helping a Founder/CEO scale their business past the next big growth hurdle or an experienced executive transform a challenging team.

Executive coaching is an investment in already successful executives and high-potential leaders to accelerate their skill and relationship development. It’s more about helping talented people use their leadership skills more effectively, not about taking corrective action. Furthermore, leaders today rely on their coach to act as an objective sounding board.

It’s Lonely at the Top for Business Owners

You are in the driver’s seat running your business, and most likely, this is a gratifying experience for you. But being the chief executive also comes at a price: you are eternally in the spotlight, critically observed by your stakeholders.

As a Founder/CEO, you face complex challenges and immense external pressures. You are highly visible, accountable, and bear enormous responsibility for achieving results. You undoubtedly have team members and people you can count on. However, do you feel:

  • People tell you only what they think you want to hear and not what they really think?
  • Stagnant in your development?
  • You’re not getting enough candid and honest feedback from your team?

Being at the top can lead to feelings of isolation, and you may benefit from working with a trusted advisor who:

  • Has been where you are, knee-deep in the day-to-day chaos of running a business
  • Provides a different perspective and helps you gain new insights
  • Helps you to enhance self-awareness
  • Acts as your sounding board and brawling partner in challenging business situations and tells you what no one else dares to tell you

I hired EmmerScale to help scale our emerging franchise brand, using the CEO Coach-To-Scale model. EmmerScale’s process and input has been crucial for fine-tuning the direction of our company, and their focus on our success is impressive. They have a passion and love for serving their clients and it is clearly represented in their work. This goes way beyond simply working with me as a Founder/CEO but also working with my people, and helping us to work on and in the business together. I highly recommend EmmerScale to any emerging franchise brand looking to define and or refine their offering to maximize their ability to effectively scale their brand.

CEO, Suntek Zero Emission Lawn Care

What Should You Expect From CEO Coaching?

Executive coaching for top-level leaders can help sharpen your focus on what matters most so that you can deliver better results with your existing resources and gain more work-life balance. Coaches play several roles. During an engagement, coaches can serve as a sounding board, a mirror, an accountability partner, and a confidant.

Working with the right leadership coach — someone who is savvy about relationships, messaging, and how to manage under pressure — brings substantial value. CEO coaches are trusted partners with the business acumen to help Founders, CEOs, or other C-level executives with a game plan to achieve results, balance short- and long-term goals and priorities, and shed light on new possibilities to help scale their company.

EmmerScale’s CEO, Coach-To-Scale Program

EmmerScale provides cost-effective direct to Founder and CEO and/or Board of Directors advisory services. This flexible program can be designed for one-off, specific projects or on an ongoing basis. Trustworthy, objective, inquisitive, and direct, our clients can count on “answers being questioned, and questions being answered.”

CEO Coaching Program

Month-to-month coaching package, including the following deliverables:

  • Four 40-minute Coaching/Accountability calls per month focused on helping the CEO work through specific operational issues (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, People, Service, Franchise Development, and Support)
  • Emails (written and video) and TXT follow-up as needed (within reason) and focused on the specific company issues that are brought up during the weekly calls

Expected results:

  • Help in setting the business up to successfully scale by helping the client to execute through specific operational issues, making the improvements and adjustments needed through the process
  • Advance the company to the appropriate size and scale to effectively validate the model, generate positive cash flow, and create a model that will scale using the franchise model

Expected commitment — Client must:

  • Be able to commit to weekly calls at set times
  • Be able to commit to following through on action items
  • Have a willingness to receive direct input and feedback that will be both constructive and critical in nature
  • Have the deep desire to grow and scale their business as an absolute top priority

Unlike traditional CEO coaches, our hands-on approach includes incremental points of contact and deliverables beyond weekly coaching. It’s a cost-effective way to help you and your team move the needle quickly and more effectively.

To learn more about how our CEO, Coach-To-Scale practice and leadership development services can help your company, call us at (336) 365-8005 or contact us

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