Disruptive Business Solutions That Empower Clients

EmmerScale has strong affiliate relationships with technology and service platforms that are disruptive in nature and provide tremendous value propositions to emerging brands.

With more and more entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their own business, affiliate programs have given rise to a large pool of affiliates to work with, which enables us to be more selective of who we partner with. We can choose to work only with the most productive and motivated affiliates, which not only will save you time, but will hopefully lead to better qualified leads and higher sales.

These business partnerships enable EmmerScale to provide a portfolio of additional services from 3rd party market leaders that fit our clients’ needs as part of their overall growth and development. The products or services can stand alone or be integrated to suit your unique business situation.

Value-added platforms and business models that, working together fill a need by providing a holistic approach to technology, finance, sales and marketing, HR, operations, etc. All are designed to reduce costs while significantly improving productivity and scalability of your product or service. Our affiliate relationships include:

SaaS Partners

HubSpot — Sales/Marketing/Support Hub

HubSpot Solutions Partner Program is an ecosystem of businesses that offer marketing, sales, web design, and CRM implementation services, among others. Its mission is to help organizations grow better.

HubSpot experts provide partner companies with continuous support on your growth strategy and their software platform to ensure we help our clients grow. We understand that growth isn’t just about our business, it’s about our clients and their customers’ experience too.

Vonigo — Operations CRM/ERP

Vonigo is cloud-based business management software that helps service companies grow and streamline their operations. From SMBs to larger organizations and franchises, you need software that can be configured and integrated based on your changing needs.

A seamless experience that enables real-time secure online scheduling, invoicing, payments, dispatch, etc., Vonigo is a suite of applications designed to help service businesses of all sizes manage their customer base and day-to-day operations.

Prodoscore- Productivity Platform

Your sales team’s productivity levels can make or break your business. Improving productivity can increase sales, but you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Prodoscore’s disruptive innovation connects the cloud tools you already use with its powerful business intelligence interface to create visibility into the workplace.

The proprietary algorithm measures productivity across your office suite, CRM, and communications platforms. The measures are then presented in an easy-to-use interface from the cloud. The straightforward display enables you to make high-level management decisions that improve your company’s productivity and help increase sales.

Service Partners

Sedera Health— Alternative Group Health

Sedera is a medical cost sharing community (not insurance) that’s more affordable than typical insurance plans. Patients use Sedera to share the cost of larger medical needs not included in their Direct Primary Care memberships. Sedera members and their families get high levels of service and a superior health care experience.

The Sedera offering blends several service options to offer members a high-quality healthcare solution at a low cost. Members typically save 30 – 60% compared to other healthcare options. Members can visit the physician, clinic, or hospital that best meets their needs when they are sick or injured. There are no out of network concerns when it comes to medical costs.

Xendoo — CPA/Bookkeeping Services

Xendoo supports small-to-medium-sized business owners with their financial needs to help set them up for success. You get a trusted team of expert individuals, bookkeepers, and CPAs, dedicated to your business financials, doing your accounting for you.

Xendoo’s number one priority is to provide small business owners with financial peace of mind. Delivered through their proprietary technology, Xendoo provides accessibility to expert CPAs, predictable pricing, and speed to financial numbers. Xeddoo gives you the time to run your business.

StrutureM — Business Growth Agency

Most contractors struggle with challenging their status quo to generate enough leads and acquire new business to scale up their business. StructureM’s marketing system helps keep your sales pipeline full so that you can grow their company.

Business owners frustrated with stagnant, slow, or declining growth that results from not having a clear and comprehensive marketing strategy built for growing local businesses gain from StructureM’s services. Companies get better results from their marketing efforts, enabling them to profit and grow.

NexRep — Call Center Solutions

NexRep provides flexible, optimized, cost-effective virtual contact center solutions. Their unparalleled workforce efficiencies and operational methodologies consistently save clients up to 30-40% in costs. With cutting-edge virtual platforms, they provide superior customer experience, security, and quality.

NexRep’s mission is to engage and empower a network of delighted agents delivering world-class customer experiences and exceptional call center results. Thanks to their disruptive business model, NexRep can quickly deploy an engaged agent network that is 100% US-based, fully dedicated to your brand, and committed to your customers.

UpCurve Cloud — Google Suite Provider

UpCurve Cloud provides process design, application customization, data and application integration, technical installation, training, and both on-site and telephone hotline support. Products include digital marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and integration, marketing automation, cloud solutions, and voice and email communication offerings. Their full suite of products and services support more substantial growth, greater productivity, and company-wide efficiency.

With dedicated professionals focused on designing, developing, implementing, and supporting useful and cost-effective solutions, the team of integration experts can help with any size implementation. Their team of Google certified deployment engineers, trainers, and consultants make sure your transition to the cloud is smooth and seamless. They’ve helped over 5,000 businesses make the transition to G Suite by Google Cloud.

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