EOS®* Self Implementors-Gaining Traction with an Expert Fractional Integrator

EOS®* is often adopted by small to mid-sized businesses looking to gain traction and take their operations to the next level. It is designed to help improve overall functionality and efficiency to help entrepreneurs like you build stronger, more effective companies. However, understanding the ins and outs of EOS® is no easy feat. Maybe you’ve tried self-implementing EOS® and aren’t gaining the traction and scalability you’d hoped for?   If not successfully self-implemented,  your business can be left unstructured and stuck, which could put you behind your competition.  Self-implementation can become an uphill battle.  Rest assured you aren’t alone!

Common Stumbling Blocks for EOS® Self Implementors  

  1. Sitting in too many seats.   As the CEO/Visionary, are you trying to fulfill the Integrator role?
  2. Time! Challenging is an understatement when you are trying to learn and train your entire leadership team on EOS® – all the while managing your business. This can certainly result in a lack of commitment and follow-through.  
  3. You are too close to the issues. A seasoned expert from the outside can see issues within your company and offer an objective perspective.
  4. Choosing which tools to use.   Not following the entire proven process, which utilizes all EOS® components and tools, can lead to ineffective results and hinder traction and scalability.

The Importance of Gaining Traction

If you are unable to fully self-implement EOS® into your business, you most likely aren’t gaining the level of traction you desire to scale to the next level. In addition to other shortfalls, lack of traction can leave you unable to efficiently “move rocks and solve issues”, causing your business to lose scalability and profitability. Gino Wickman states in “Traction “Your ability to succeed is in direct proportion to your ability to solve your problems.” The effective self-implementation of EOS® will provide you with the ability to solve your problems and so much more.

The Missing Link -An Expert Fractional Integrator

As said before, it can be difficult to self-implement EOS® into all areas of your business. A Fractional Integrator could be the missing link to give you the success you envision. Gino Wickman, author of Traction, states in his book Rocket Fuel -“An Integrator is a person who has the Unique Ability® to harmoniously integrate the major functions of the business, run the organization, and manage the day-to-day issues that arise. The Integrator is the glue that holds the people, processes, systems, priorities, and strategy of the company together.” In simple terms, Fractional Integrators can be thought of like the “quarterback of the team”. They specialize in helping businesses scale and can help you successfully self-implement EOS® into your operations on a part-time, temporary basis. EmmerScale’s Fractional Integrator services provide 30 years of executive and business ownership experience, as well as franchise expertise. In addition, our services provide over 5 years of successful EOS® self-integration and implementation. Our service can ensure-

  • Your leadership team is efficiently moving rocks and solving issues.
  • Business systems and processes are in place to support rapid scale.
  • You have the right people in the right seats.
  • Established core vision, core values, success metrics, team composition, processes, decision-making approaches, data reporting, and project management.
  • Knowledge of the EOS tools as well as the Daily Scrum, Weekly L10™, Weekly Check-Ins, Monthly Same Page, Quarterly Check in’s, Quarterly Strategy, and Annual Retreat Meetings.

In Conclusion

Once you have successfully self-implemented EOS®, your organization will gain traction, break through barriers, and reach new heights. Hiring an expert will give you the extra capacity and expertise to fully implement EOS® so your vision can become reality. The initial investment will pay off in the long run with a consistent, repeatable approach to running your business. In addition, you will have time to focus on your short and long term goals and the strategies to get you there, instead of the day to day of working “in” your business. Don’t hesitate in taking the necessary steps to ensure your business is next level ready and staying ahead of your competition. Reach out to us at EmmerScale today and see how our Fractional Integrator services can help you gain traction with EOS®. Together, we will ensure your success!

*EmmerScale is NOT affiliated with nor does it represent itself as an EOS® Implementer. EmmerScale provides Fractional Integrator services that utilize the self-implementation model which is permissible under the public IP of EOS®

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