What are Fractional CxO Services?

Fractional c-suite executives, collectively referred to as CxOs, go beyond the CEO, extending to COO, CMO, CTO, CSO, CDO, CFO, etc. expertise. These growth-oriented executives manage both the strategy and execution across all organizational platforms, helping to scale emerging companies effectively. 

Companies need executive leadership – but not all companies need all executive roles on site 40 hours a week. Fractional CxOs provide leadership in their respective roles to help companies strategically and tactically, unlike traditional consultants, where you typically pay upfront for their analysis and recommendations but still have to invest working capital in executing the strategy. 

A CxO helps define the strategy and rolls up his/her sleeves to help execute it. They are not just strategizing on the sidelines. On the contrary, they are pundits at integrating into diverse businesses and operations.

What Are the Benefits of Fractional Executive Leadership?

In many cases, fractional executives are more experienced in the business world than those on your team. As a result, they can add unique and knowledgeable input to several areas of your company, including:

    Being a strong leader doesn’t come naturally to many people, and many business owners need a little bit of help. While many Founder-CEOs have vibrant and healthy cultures, many still struggle due to forces at play that reflect human nature. There is NO ONE that can truly relate to them. No matter how healthy the company culture is, employees will always be looking after their best interests. Therefore it is impossible for the Founder-CEO to get the unfiltered, unabashed truth from an employee, even a C-level executive.

A fractional executive has already experienced where you are and has helped lead their business profitably to success.

    One of the biggest obstacles many small business owners face is knowing when to scale up their business and how fast they should do so. However, since many fractional executives have already been where your business is, they will be more capable of knowing when (and how) you should scale.

    Many new employees need some form of coaching or mentorship while they’re coming on board. However, the reverse is true for fractional leadership as they already have the skills and experience required to scale your business. They’re able to coach and mentor both you and your employees. 

    When it comes to problem-solving, many business owners end up hitting a wall regarding the appropriate solutions. Not only can a CxO provide a fresh perspective on many of the issues that your company may face, but their opinions can be more informed as a result of their experience. They’ve already been in your position.

    Are your internal operations as efficient as you need them to be? With the right systems implemented, your company can flourish and optimize your teams’ time. A fractional CxO has experience with many technology platforms and tools to implement in any organization. Their expertise in  maximizing efficiencies and productivity enables them to see and understand which systems and processes a business can scale into and which ones cause bottlenecks.

EmmerScale Fractional CxO Services

Does your company need an experienced c-suite executive but can’t afford to hire one full-time? Most emerging companies can’t afford that luxury. 

EmmerScale is not your typical high-priced, short-lived business consultant. We specialize in understanding a wide variety of businesses, industries, and verticals – including consumer and business services – with a strong background In emerging franchise companies. 

With EmmerScale’s services, you get leadership experience for your company, part-time, across all c-suite titles. Our goal is high-level executive work, and we get in the trenches to help your company fill in the void and bridge the gaps.

Our fractional executives have extensive experience in strategic planning, including utilizing various powerful business operating platforms. We integrate these platform principles and tools into fractional CxO deliverables. We also provide fractional and interim strategic planning and business operating systems Integrator services.  Emerging franchisors benefit from a proprietary 360 Business Audit, Assessment, and Action Plan that includes a deep dive into every area of your company — people, processes, procedures, and systems. 

More than just being an operating system Implementer, we help you work both ON and IN your business, helping fuel growth and bringing your business to where it needs to be. In other words, we don’t just tell you what you need to do — we actually help you do it!

Are you scaling your franchise, dealer network, or private equity company? Securing the right leadership team can be the make or break for high-growth potential businesses to scale up profitably.

To learn more information or explore how a fractional or part-time executive can help you, schedule a call here or call us at (336) 365-8005.

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