About EmmerScale

Our Story


EmmerScale was founded to help CEO’s and Founders like you break through barriers to scale their business. We understand the challenges you face and provide a comprehensive range of high ROI business solutions. 

With over 30 years of executive and business ownership experience, as well as franchise expertise, we understand exactly where you are and will work with you in the trenches, deploying the proper resources that will help bridge the gaps in your business, allowing your business to effectively scale.

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Our Mission

We help move rocks and solve issues so emerging brands can scale without friction.

Our Vision

Our vision is every emerging brand will have the people, systems, and processes they need to scale rapidly without friction, while having thriving cultures.

Our Values


Serve Well or Don’t Serve at All

We serve within our expertise and with coachable clients who embrace our values and have an unwavering commitment to effectively scaling their business and themselves.


Continually Bridge the Gap & Fill the Voids

We provide our clients with what needs to be added to their organization that is preventing them from scaling. As these missing pieces evolve and change we commit to constantly assessing our role to ensure we are bridging gaps and filling voids.


Always Under Promise and Over Deliver

We will do what we say, and only say what we will do, communicating effectively to ensure expectations are consistently met and exceeded.


Legacies Matter

It is more than building wealth, it is the people we become, and the impact we make on the clients we help. We seek to honor and glorify our creator by effectively stewarding our and our client's resources to help them scale businesses that will stand the test of time.

Exhibit a Buffalo Culture

We find a way.
We head INTO the storm.
We enjoy a herd mentality.
We protect the herd.
We are always moving forward.

Meet Our Team

David Gullotti


David is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. He founded EmmerScale to provide an invaluable service: business integration and optimization. David realized the need for experienced fractional Business Integrators to step in and help businesses of varying sizes excel. His many skills include building business operating systems, improving leadership teams, and developing tailored business solutions. As a fractional Business Integrator, he uses his tremendous knowledge and years of experience to help companies succeed in the ever-changing world of business.

Keegan Orellana

Director of Operations

Keegan has a passion for helping people and businesses reach their potential which has made him an invaluable asset in the industry. He is valued for his strategic expertise in helping clients set up and implement cutting-edge pieces into their businesses. With an eye for detail and a penchant for problem-solving, Keegan is a reliable asset to the client leadership team, providing invaluable assistance with onboarding, tech stacks, workflow automation, and confirmation days. He has a strong commitment to his work; he consistently strives to ensure that customer demands are met with a sense of urgency and finesse.

Melissa Howard

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Lead

Melissa has a passion for supporting our clients as they optimize their teams through our comprehensive hiring process. Her desire to find the perfect fit for any role has satisfied immediate staffing needs and contributed to successful team growth for our clients.

As a certified DISC consultant, she is also committed to supporting our desire to improve and foster positive team cultures.   This certification underscores her dedication to understanding individual behavioral styles, enabling her to share strategies to improve team communication and collaboration, and ultimately improve their success. 

Beyond recruitment, Melissa ensures that clients are onboarded effectively, laying the foundation for a productive and harmonious working relationship. She guarantees that clients and our team are equipped with the knowledge needed for efficiency and success from the start.

Additionally, she assists EmmerScale administratively and contributes to content creation, ensuring our clients stay informed about our services, industry trends, and best practices.

Jessica Scott

Director of Marketing and Fractional Integrator

Jessica is an accomplished COO and CMO known for her skill in developing strategies that elevate brands and boost market engagement. Her expertise encompasses strategic communications, promotional product development, media planning and buying, and precise budgeting. Central to her success is her ability to lead teams by leveraging their collective strengths, driving them to exceed business objectives. 

Jessica served as the Integrator/COO for a large Home Improvement/ Services Company, where she developed a profound appreciation for the simplicity and effectiveness of the EOS business model. This experience ignited her passion for operational integration across all business functions, instilling focus, discipline, and accountability within her team and organization. She aimed to realize the organization’s scalable goals by dedicating herself to problem-solving, process creation and galvanizing cross-functional teams to deliver significant results.  Leveraging her operational expertise, Jessica now guides organizations in self-implementing the EOS model to foster cohesive teamwork towards shared objectives across all functional areas. Her strategic and analytical approach consistently yields revenue growth, heightened customer engagement, and a competitive edge in the market.

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