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360 Degree AAA

Complete 360 Business Audit, Assessment, and Action Plan and For Emerging Franchisors

The proprietary 360 AAA Includes 2-3 days on site at your corporate Location and includes deep dive into every area of your business. People, systems, processes, procedures. Operations, sales, marketing, support, franchise development, and finance. Our audit process includes spending time with executive and key team members, interviewing and surveying existing franchise partners. We provide a complete workflow assessment from marketing lead gen, through post-production, including assessment of current tech stack. We then assess each of these areas for strengths and opportunities for improvement, provide you with a SWOT and TOPA (Total Online Presence Assessment) and create a very detailed action plan to equip your brand to effectively scale, which includes specific pieces that EmmerScale can help you execute.

Disruptive Business Solutions

EmmerScale has strong affiliate relationships with technology and service platforms that are disruptive and provide an incredible value propositions to emerging brands. These solutions can stand alone or be integrated together for your unique business situation. They are all designed to reduce cost while significantly improving productivity and scalability. Our Affiliate Partners Include:

  • HubSpot- Sales/Marketing/Support Hub
  • Vonigo- Operations CRM/ERP
  • Prodoscore- Productivity Platform
  • Sedera Health- Alternative Group Health
  • Xendoo- CPA/Bookkeeping Services
  • StrutureM- Business Growth Agency
  • NextRep- Call Center Solutions
  • Upcurve Cloud- Google Suite Provider

Fractional CxO Deliverables & Business Operating System Implementation

EmmerScale is not your typical business consultant. We understand a wide variety of industry’s and verticals, including consumer and business services, with a strong background in emerging franchise organizations. Whether you’re an existing business looking for a straightforward business operating system for your team or want the benefits of 360 AAA, at EmmerScale, we help you implement the best operating system so that you can continue moving forward and align your team.

Executive Coaching and Advisory Board Services

EmmerScale provides cost effective direct to Founder and CEO and/or Board of Directors advisory services. This flexible program can be designed, for one off, specific project, or on an ongoing basis. Trustworthy, objective, inquisitive, and direct, our clients can count on “answers being questioned, and questions being answered.”

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5 Reasons Emerging Franchise Brands Fail to Scale

If you are ready to scale your business but are struggling to execute, it is possible that at least one of the following five circumstances is holding you back.