Trainual: Employee Onboarding, SOP’s & Training Platform

Running a business or franchise system involves a lot of moving parts that are constantly shifting and evolving. From training new hires to documenting procedures, it can be difficult to keep everything organized, updated, and running efficiently. That’s where Trainual comes in! Trainual is a disruptive all-in-one onboarding, policy/procedures, and training platform. Trainual offers a chance for business owners to share their expertise and personalize the training of their processes, policies, and SOPs. It also helps organize content in a simple and effective way, and in a single location. In this blog post, we’ll share many features of Trainual and how it can help streamline onboarding and training processes for your business, or as they state “the playbook for your business”

Why is Trainual the perfect solution for businesses looking to optimize operations?

  • Trainual offers customizable templates, which makes it easy to create and organize your company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) in one central location.
  • It’s centralized platform also makes it easy for employees to access and follow procedures, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the organization.
  • A scalable solution for businesses looking to create more efficient operations.
  • Trainual offers quizzes, assessments, and progress tracking. This means that new hires can be properly trained and kept up-to-speed on company processes and SOP’s.
  • You can track training performance to ensure your new staff are up to speed and onboarded correctly and get a comprehensive view of who is performing well and where they need to improve.

Trainual’s unique features and benefits:

Many businesses start with in-house solutions like Google Drive for process documentation and training. Google is great for many reasons, to include collaboration, but it can be difficult to keep content organized and quickly accessible. Also, solutions like Google Drive lack the comprehensive features that Trainual offers. Trainual is designed specifically for process documentation and training and includes the following features-

  • Automatization, to include reminders and notifications.
  • Customizable templates, quizzes, and tracking to ensure accountability and proper training have been completed and understood. 
  • Ability to customize your brand style, add videos, GIFs- for a little fun, photos, screen recordings, links, and more, to anything that needs more explanation.
  • Trainual has built-in AI capabilities to help write your content for you! Or, document a process by recording your screen and explaining how to do something while you do it.
  • Ensures employees or franchisees are connected intuitively to every unique role and responsibility in your business. In fact, all that content can be accessible by clicking through people on your org chart.
  • Some plans allow for e-signature requirements to policies at the topic level.
  • Ensures consistency in training, and efficiency across the organization, scaling your operations.
  • Offers completion certificates. This is a win for a feeling of accomplishment for your employees!
  • We know policies and procedures change.  You’ll have the ability to update content easily and send out updates to employees who have already reviewed those topics so they are kept up to date with all current policies and procedures.

What about Integrations?

Trainual syncs with tons of work apps you may already use. Like your HR and payroll system, your favorite messaging app, and thousands more. For example, the Google Workspace integration allows for simple and secure sign-in. Gusto allows you to integrate so that your new employees can be directly added to Trainual. At EmmerScale we use these platform integrations as well as Loom for video and screen recording. Trainual has built Loom into their platform, so you can conveniently record within your training. You can record a new hire welcome video, document a process, show how to do something, explain a policy, and so much more straight from Trainual.

How can Trainual save my business money?

Imagine the possibilities if you could reclaim the time and money invested in training employees by managers or senior staff. Moreover, consider the potential if this time had been invested in sales and growth instead. Training is no longer a time-consuming, expensive task, it’s something that someone can do in minutes and have up and running for the entire organization to access. This saves your business money by preventing costly mistakes and ensuring new hires are properly trained without having to spend extra hours with each person. This is an ROI that speaks for itself and is also highly scalable!

What if I need help with setup and creating my processes?

In addition to templates and step-by-step guides offered in Trainual, EmmerScale is a Certified Trainual Partner. We can help you document your SOPs, onboarding, and policies. We can also improve your training processes and documentation. We’d love to see you enjoy the benefits Trainual can provide your organization! It is certainly a disruptive solution!

Check out Trainual for yourself by clicking here or contact us if you’d like an introduction from EmmerScale!

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